Save time with AutoCorrect – Automatically Inserting Text – Like Magic!

Have you ever wondered if there was a shortcut way to typing a long company name, a long-winded department name or a long technical term? Yes you can — and you can type it in a flash using your own acronym! AutoCorrect is programmable!

Many of us are pretty quick typists, but some things can slow down our typing productivity such as hard-to-spell terms, names, or a medical procedures. Or perhaps you work in the legal field and there are certain paragraphs of information that you frequently include into your documentation. This all can be done like magic!

Snippet™ Word Training Lesson

In this Snippet™ Training lesson you will be learning how to use the Word 2010 AutoCorrect feature to speed up your typing time.

As an example, I will use the following footer statement to create an AutoCorrect entry. I will create the acronym “xfooter” to populate “© 2013 Snippet Training. All rights reserved.

Here’s how to create the AutoCorrect Entry from existing text:

1. Start Word 2010 and open or type your document.

2. Highlight the text that you would like to convert to an AutoCorrect entry.

3. On the Ribbon, go to the File tab and click Options. The Word Options dialog box will appear.

4. In the left panel click on the Proofing category then click the AutoCorrect Options button.

Saving time with AutoCorrect

Notice that the AutoCorrect: English dialog box appears.

AutoCorrect 1














5. Verify that the text you highlighted in the document appears in the With: box.

AutoCorrect 2



6. In the Replace: box type the acronym you wish to use when displaying this text. For this example, I typed “xfooter“.

AutoCorrect 3



Tip: It’s best to begin all of your acronyms with the same letter or symbol so every AutoCorrect entry you create will reside in the same location in the AutoCorrect list.

7. Click the Add button.

Saving time with AutoCorrect

8. Click the OK button to close the AutoCorrect dialog box.

Saving time with AutoCorrect

9. Click the OK button to close the Options dialog box.

Saving time with AutoCorrect

10. Test your AutoCorrect entry within an existing document or in a new Word document.

Tip: You can use the keyboard shortcut [CTRL] N to create a new Word document.

11. Type your acronym, i.e. xfooter, and press the space bar and see the magic happen!

Tip: Unfortunately Microsoft Word does not have a feature for printing out all your custom AutoCorrect entries. You should therefore create and maintain a list of your entries, either on paper or better yet, in a Word document so that you will have a quick reference of all the time-saving entries you have created.

AutoCorrect is a very powerful feature. Consider using it for the following:

  • Frequently misspelled words
  • Header/Footer information
  • Company Names
  • Department Names
  • Personal Names
  • Address information
  • Legal clauses
  • Medical/Scientific terms and procedures
  • Frequently used images

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