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Microsoft PowerPoint

5 Ways to Liven Up your Pictures in PowerPoint 2010

Folks, it’s time to break away from the standard portrayal of square and rectangular pictures in our PowerPoint presentations. We see presentation after presentation with standard picture formats which are so boring they put you to sleep! Let’s liven it up by adding some pizzazz to these photographs! Here are five ways to do this. […]

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Microsoft Access

Access Data Types

As discussed in a previous blog post about Database Terms, a field in a database table is like a column in a spreadsheet. But one of the main differences between a spreadsheet and a database is that fields must have a specific data type in a database. The purpose of this post is to list […]

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Microsoft Access

Database Terms

Many sites on the World Wide Web, as well as many applications on PCs, Macs, smart phones, and tablets use databases. The purpose of this blog post is to define some basic database terms which need to be understood by anyone who wants to create a database. Database: A database is an organized collection of […]

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Microsoft Access

Splitting an Access Database

One of the most useful features of a Microsoft Access database is the ability to split the database into two files. The first file, which is commonly called the back-end or data file, holds the data (the tables). The second file, which is commonly referred to as the front-end or shell file, contains the user […]

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