Microsoft Access – How to update linked tables

  1. Open your Access database.


  2. Start the Linked Table Manager feature.
    • In Access 2003, from the menu choose Tools, Database Utilities, Linked Table Manager.
    • In Access 2007 from the ribbon choose Database Tools, Linked Table Manager.
    • In Access 2010 from the ribbon choose External Data, Linked Table Manager.


  3. In the Linked Table Manager dialog box:
    1. Choose the “Always prompt for new location” check box.
    2. Click the “Select All” button.
    3. Click OK.

  4. In the Select New Location dialog box find select the desired data file and click Open.


  5. When the database informs you that all tables have been successfully refreshed, click the OK button.


  6. Close the Linked Table Manager dialog box by clicking the Close button.


  7. Optional: Exit and restart the database so the startup routines will take affect.
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