Outlook 2010: Quickly Organize Emails using the new Quick Step Feature

Are you inundated by email? Overwhelmed by so many emails that you don’t know where to begin? The new Outlook 2010 Quick Steps feature is here to the rescue! You can program Quick Steps to handle your emails in a myriad of ways so that, with a click of a button, your email is dealt with very quickly and efficiently.

Here are some of the tasks that you can do with Quick Steps:

  • Move or Copy an email to a specific pre-defined folder
  • Delete or Permanently Delete a message
  • Mark a message as Read or Unread
  • Set the Importance Level, etc…

Let’s get started!

Snippet™ Training Lesson: How to create this Quick Step

1. Open Outlook 2010.

2. Go to the Home (Ribbon Tab) > Quick Steps (Group). In the Quick Steps gallery box, click on the Create New choice.

3. If you don’t see the Create New choice option in the Quick Steps gallery, then click on the More button. See #3 in picture below.

Outlook 2010 Quick Steps



4. The following Edit Quick Step dialog box appears.

Outlook 2010 Quick Steps












5. Where it reads Name: Type in the name of the Quick Step.  For example, this can be Emails from Boss, Newsletters, To Do Items, Personal, etc. In this example we are using “To Do Items”.

6. Where it reads: Choose an Action, click on the down arrow. Select the Quick Step Action you would like to take.  For this example we will select  Move to Folder under the Filing category.

Outlook 2010 Quick Steps










7. At this time, a new Choose folder field option appears where you will have the ability to choose the folder where you would like this email to go. Click on the down arrow.

Outlook 2010 Quick Steps













8. Click on a name of an existing folder listed in the dialog box or click on Other Folder… to access another folder name or to create a New Folder.  In this example, we will choose Other Folder...

Outlook 2010 Quick Steps










9. When you click on Other Folder…, the following Select Folder dialog box will appear:

Outlook 2010 Quick Steps










10. To create a New Folder, click on the New button.  The Create New Folder dialog box will appear.

Outlook 2010 Quick Steps










11. Type the name of your new folder (e.g. To Do List), then click the OK button.

Outlook 2010 Quick Steps









12. You can select the newly created folder and click the OK button.

13. Before clicking the Finish button, you have several additional options:

  • Add another Action by clicking on the Add Action button
  • Create a Shortcut Key for this action
  • Add Tooltip Text.

14. Click on the Finish button.

15. Voila! You are on your way to a more organized email system. Enjoy!

How to use this Quick Step:

The next time you receive an email that you wish to move to a particular folder, just highlight the email in your Inbox and click on the respective
Quick Step entry in the Quick Step gallery box.

Outlook 2010 Quick Steps




There are several other Outlook features to help you organize your Outlook Inbox such as color coding the messages as they arrive into your Inbox, setting up automatic rules to copy, move or delete emails from your Inbox and more. Coming soon is a Snippet training session on this very topic of Organizing your Emails Efficiently and Productively. Stay tuned…

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