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Excel Snippet® Tip

One of the most commonly asked questions I get in my Excel classes is how do I navigate to the bottom of a column of data more efficiently. Here’s the tip… To quickly navigate to the bottom of a column of continuous data, hold down the [CTRL] key and press the down arrow key once […]

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Internet Snippet® Tip

Recently, in one of my computer training classes, a student asked me if there was a way to surf the web using your keyboard. Here are some keyboard shortcuts I shared with him. While browsing the internet, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts: Press and hold the [ALT] key in conjunction with the “Left […]

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Excel Snippet® Tip

Need to create an instant graph or chart in Excel on your PC? Highlight your data including the column and row header info; then press the [F11] button. Voila! To spruce up the look of the default chart design, apply one of the various chart themes from the Chart Tools | Design (Ribbon tab) > […]

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Word Snippet® Tip

Using keyboard shortcuts to perform routine tasks will save you time. Here are some wonderful Word Text Alignment shortcuts: [CTRL] L – Left Align text on the page [CTRL] R – Right Align text on the page [CTRL] E – Center Align text on the page [CTRL] J – Justify text on the page

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Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint: Creating a Presentation for Various Audiences

Did you know that you can create just “one” presentation and then present variations of that  “one” presentation to different audiences by including, omitting or rearranging certain slides from that “one” presentation? Yes, you can! The average PowerPoint user would have one master PowerPoint presentation file and then do a File > Save As (Keyboard […]

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